About us

The AT HOME IN THE TATRAS project is a survey of the opinions and ideas visitors and local residents have about the development of the High Tatras and podhorie area.

The project is about the mutual respect between people and nature, as well as between themselves (local residents and visitors in the Tatras), and about respectful urbanism within the territory of the national park and its architecture. It is about the Tatras and the fact that they cannot prosper without locals and without tourism. The Tatras are not only the Tatra lakes, peaks, cable cars, slopes, and hotels. They are the entire ecosystem.

The impact tourism has on the Tatras must be identified and new approaches must be found to mitigate it, so that nature, local residents and the territory do not suffer. Thoughtful urban planning incorporates nature directly into the streets and public spaces, and brings development to the entire region. Small interventions often contribute to solving problems, they consolidate the territory and improve communication routes. The mutual connection between residents and the territory supports the creation of a community and strengthens the bond residents have with the area in which they live and work, as well as those who only visit it. The Tatras belong to everyone, let’s take care of them together!

The project will take place at several locations and events in the upcoming months, as well as online on our website. We will gradually publish the results of this survey. The information we collect from the public, as well as the materials used, will be part of the upcoming exhibition in several cultural institutions.


Realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.