The AT HOME IN THE TATRAS project is a survey of the opinions and ideas visitors and local residents have about the development of the High Tatras and podhorie area.

The project is about the mutual respect between people and nature, as well as between themselves (local residents and visitors in the Tatras), and about respectful urbanism within the territory of the national park and its architecture. It is about the Tatras and the fact that they cannot prosper without locals and without tourism. The Tatras are not only the Tatra lakes, peaks, cable cars, slopes, and hotels. They are the entire ecosystem.

We prepared creative activities and a relaxation zone that will be installed and freely accessible in several places in the public space for you. These activities serve as a tool for surveying your opinions on the current state of the Tatras. You can find the first 2 events of this project on:

18.8. – 21.8.

Starý Smokovec

1.9. – 4.9.

Tatranská Lomnica
City Park

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Quick and playful activities are also available online:

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